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I actually intended to start reviewing the HYIP investment programs that I can say are reliable and have been paying for quite sometime now and of which I had mentioned yesterday, but another thought just came that I should first of all write more on the important rules you need to know when dealing with them even though I had mentioned a bit about these rules in my second post on this blog.
These rules are very important and I want you to know them at your finger tips before you actually start investing.
Think Long-Term: Never ever dream or plan to get rich within a short period of time.
The good HYIP investment programs will never pay completely your principal + interest in less than 6 months.
However, depending on the program and option you choose while investing (i.
either compounding or non-compounding) you can withdraw your interest daily.
Be Prepared to Loose: In everything you do in life there are always times when losses occur.
It is a fact of life.
If you are prepared, you won't be caught unawares but better yet, use those losses or failures as a stepping stone towards greater success and also as an experience to make better investment plans, improve on your strategies and create a system or systems for winning and achieving greater results.
Don't Quit: Winners don't quit and quitters don't win.
Life is all about ups and downs.
The next step you take could be the winning step but if you quit, you'll never know how much you are losing.
Just keep investing and learning better ways to better your situation in life.
Diversify: This is very important.
Never put all your eggs into one basket.
Any particular HYIP as with other businesses don't and won't last forever.
Also they would come times when they'll be payment problems and/or delays from a particular program or the payment processor.
You can always fall back on the other programs while waiting for the issue to be resolved.
Invest in more than 5 programs to create multiple streams of investment income for yourself.
Get back Principal ASAP: Remember to always get back your initial capital as soon as you possibly can before indulging in more aggressive investments.
This will assure the safety of your investment.
If the program will only release your capital after about a 6 month period or more, then it will be wise to start with a non-compounding option so that the daily interest you receive will quickly add up and make up for your initial investment capital, but if the program operates on a weekly or monthly repayment plan, then a compounding option will be appropriate.
However, depending on the kind of investor you are, make your plan well and then follow your plan.
Note that a compounding option usually pays higher than a non-compounding option.
Protect yourself, your e-currency account(s) and your investments: This is another very important point to note.
Avoid using your real names when dealing with programs you are not sure of except when it has to do with receiving your money via wire-transfer where you have to give your full details to the program to enable transfer of funds to your account.
Also use different passwords for your e-currency accounts, your email address(es) and your investment programs.
This will prevent fraudulent programs from trying to use the same password you used to join them to open your e-currency account(s).
NOTE: If you are using e-gold, make sure you apply the security features as explained by e-gold to protect your account.
Research and research again: Always conduct your own research too.
Read the FAQs and Terms, Join the Forums and Chats, check monitoring sites and write their support if there are issues you are not clear on in their terms or FAQs.
You should also do a whois search to determine if what the programs say in their "About Us" is the same as it is in the search.
Ping their domain to determine their IP addresses and use an IP search tool or software to determine their location.
When you get this information, compare it with what they say about themselves.
If you have any questions concerning these, please feel free to post it in the comments and I'll give you guidance ASAP.
Be Skeptical: If you discover a program that sounds too good to be true, then it surely is.
Any program that pays more than 3% daily on less than a $5,000 investment, should be dealt with very carefully.
Remember there are lots and lots of scammers out there so you need to be very skeptical of certain fly-by-night schemes.
Also, NEVER join a program that is hosted on a free hosting service or sites that use the same scripts.
You can view these scripts by clicking here.
Never reply to any email asking for a confirmation of your username and password.
Be alert for Warnings: Always keep your ears on the ground, join HYIP forums, read emails sent by the programs you join.
If there is a signal of failure from any program, do a total withdrawal of your funds asap and look out for better and still paying investment programs.
Don't ever invest and go back and relax only to come back on the maturity day to do withdrawal.
Avoid Greed: Don't let the human factor of greed take over your investment decisions.
From my personal experience, I lost a lot of money due to the fact that I allowed the emotion of greed to do my investing for me.
Act from facts and figures rather than assumptions and speculations.
Fear and failure should not be an option if you get enough relevant information.
The scammers use the human factor of greed to lure you into investing your money with them.
They offer very high and unrealistic interest rates within a very short time.
When this happens, you'll know immediately that this will not last but the emotion of greed will always tell you to give it a try and this is where your downfall and failures will begin.
These scammers might pay you the first time just to encourage you to invest more and when you do, they disappear.
Please take note of these important rules above and you'll enjoy investing in HYIP investment programs.
Note: If you have any questions, suggestions and/or comments please feel free to air your views.
I'll be more than happy to be of assistance.
I will only introduce you to long standing and paying HYIPs, if you want to try out any new ones, it is up to you.
I will also be posting information on scam sites soon so visit this blog as frequently as you can.
Learn more about it on my blog: http://richesurinternet.

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