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Butterfly Birthday Gifts

    Tickets to the Butterfly House

    • A butterfly house is a large, warm room filled with plants where dozens of butterfly species fly freely. This allows the visitors to walk through the room and see large and exotic butterflies from all over the world. Tickets to a butterfly house are ideal for an adventurous child or and adult and because they are typically associated with museums, they are educational as well.

    Butterfly Stencils

    • Stencils offer the birthday child a chance to decorate the walls of their room with the colorful butterflies of their choice. Butterfly stencils may be used to give their bedroom walls a decorative border or to adorn their wooden furniture. Allow them to choose the paint colors that determine the color of their bedroom butterflies. Suggest that the child decorate their butterflies with bright stripes or spots.


    • Butterfly-themed jewelry is a lovely choice for butterfly lovers of all ages. Choose elegant silver butterfly earrings for a dignified friend, or a brightly colored butterfly enamel pendent for a child. Butterfly hair clips add a touch of color for day to day wear and jeweled butterfly hair clips are ideal for a formal situation like a prom or a wedding.

    Live Butterfly Kits

    • Live butterfly kits are perfect for children and adults who love watching insects and watching them grow. A live butterfly kit gives the recipient live caterpillars which they feed and water. Within time, the caterpillars spin cocoons and turn into butterflies. The live butterflies can then be released into the wild to pollinate the local plants. Make sure that the butterflies in the kit are compatible with the recipient's location, and if the recipient is a minor, ask their parents if the gift is appropriate.


    • If your butterfly lover is a reader, give them a bookmark that is inscribed with butterflies. For something more lasting, choose a metal bookmark with a dangling butterfly charm. Offer them this gift in a book about butterflies or in a butterfly-themed journal.

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