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Answers Important In Picking Golden Retriever Breeder

Getting a Golden Retriever puppy should take a lot of time and effort on your part.
You need not only to find a Golden Retriever breeder, but also need to visit them and interview them.
A good Golden Retriever breeder will then do the same with you.
With a good Golden Retriever breeder, no money is enough money to sell a beloved puppy to a person unsuitable to own a pet rock, let alone a loving Golden Retriever.
You should ask for references.
A reputable Golden Retriever breeder will be more than happy to provide them.
They will reply like a grandparent talking about their grandchildren.
You might even have to ask the Golden Retriever breeder to shut up about the references.
This is a very good sign.
Also ask what they look for in an ideal Golden Retriever owner.
If all they talk about is the check clearing, than this is not the breeder for you.
Here are some of the main questions you want to ask any Golden Retriever breeder you are thinking of buying a puppy from.
Ask them why they breed Golden Retrievers.
What are the qualities they like in a dog?They should talk more about breeding sensible and healthy dogs rather than just show winning dogs.
Do they use their dogs for hunting or obedience work, or just for shows? Ask them about health certificates and hip dysplasia test scores on both the mother and the father.
It is thought that hip dysplasia is a genetic problem.
You also need to be sure what the breeder is responsible for in terms of the puppy's health and what you are responsible for.
You need to ask if you can call for advice at no extra charge if you have training problems with your puppy.
And ask for references and check them out.
You also want to ask for a written contract, which spells out what the breeder is responsible for.
A good Golden Retriever breeder will already have such a contract for you!A good breeder will also be able to not only show you the puppy's mother, but also her health certificates.
You need to be sure the parents have been tested for hip dysplasia and eye conditions that can be passed genetically.
Then ask yourself why you are going through all of this.
If you want show dogs, breeding dogs or hunting dogs, then stick with the Golden Retriever breeder you can best get along with and is as proud of his or her dogs like they would be their children.
If you want a pet, then please do not go to a breeder.
Instead, go to a Golden Retriever breed rescue group and adopt an adult or older puppy.
You'll save a life and get a financial break that way.

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