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Underfloor Heating Technical Information

    Heat Output

    • The heat output of underfloor heating, measured in watts per square foot (W/ft2), must be matched to the floor covering. A high heat loss area, such as a conservatory with a stone floor, might require a heat output of up to approximately 20 W/ft2, while a laminated wooden floor in a less exposed area would require much less.

    Dry vs. Wet Underfloor Heating

    • Electric underfloor heating is often preferred for refurbishment projects simply because it can be installed in tile adhesive without digging up the existing sub-floor. It can usually be installed without raising the existing floor by more than a fraction of an inch, so there are no implications for existing doors and baseboards


    • Underfloor heating uses the whole surface of a floor to radiate heat into the room above. As a result, it can be operated at a much lower temperature than a traditional radiator system. The maximum temperature of a wet underfloor heating system is typically 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be as low as 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

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