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Refugees In Australia - Still In A Hard Situation

One of the biggest issues that Australian immigration officials have been dealing with in the past few months is with regards to refugees.
Being one the the countries with the largest refugee population, Australia is hard pressed to provide for them.
However, there are also clamors from within the country itself to tighten regulations with regards to refugee entry.
It should be noted that under current immigration laws, any asylum seeker entering the country without proper documentations will be immediately apprehended by immigration authorities and be sent to the detention centers while their requests are processed.
Sadly, since many refugees are often forced to leave their homelands without prior preparations, many have expected to end up heading to the centers.
And heading to the centers is only the first part of the hardships that a lot of refugees have to face in order to lead a new life in Australia.
As it is, because of the slow processing of asylum claims, many refugees have stayed in the centers for a long time, sometimes anywhere from several months to a few years, before they can be allowed to settle.
To make matters worse, the arrival of more refugees have made these centers overcrowded.
Because of this, several incidents have occurred in the past few months that have highlighted the plight of refugees.
In order to handle the situation, the Australian government is trying to relieve the stresses being experienced in the centers by establishing new ones.
As of current there are several new centers that are being built in some of the states.
The government is also considering setting up an off shore processing center in nearby countries, with East Timor being considered as a potential candidate.
However, many refugee advocacy groups are still not convinced.
They pointed out that the new centers are likely to be no more than temporary solutions at the most, as they will likely end up facing the same problems once they fill up.
They said that diverting refugees to other countries or sending them back home would also be not a good idea.
Australia, they argue, has a duty to protect these refugees as part of their international commitment.
Advocates also pointed out that the number of refugees are still very much smaller compared to what the country can actually can accommodate.
As for the refugees themselves, a lot of those who have been granted entry into the country has since been able to start their new lives.
However, there are still many of them waiting for their turn to live better lives.

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