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Four Tips To Distinguish Genuine Ancient Furniture And Fake Ones

Believe it or not, checking furnitures details is one of the most parts of distinguishing the fake ancient furniture and genuine ancient furniture. By this way, you can find lots of defects on the fake ancient furniture. Are you interested in this topic and want to become one primary expert, follow me to read these tips below, I am sure you will get lots of harvest.

Firstly, looking at the shape of mortise. It is known that the mortise on both Ming Dynasty furniture and Qing dynasty furniture are made by hands and its shape is square. If you have noticed that both two sides of the mortise are round, it is the signal that such furniture should be the new one and manufactured by machine.

Secondly, pay more attention on the gap parts, corner parts and other connection parts. As usual, being placed for a long time, some fake ancient furniture will be shrunk and you can see the new part, which troubles the people who want to make fake ones. This point is more effective in the northern region.

Thirdly, looking at the legs of furniture and check whether it is worn on some parts, otherwise it would be the new fake ones. In addition, because of long time preserve, the leg parts of old furniture would be wet and more obsolescence, but with more natural texture. As for new fake ones, no matter which workmanship is used, you will look that it is not natural. In order to get real like effect, some people always place four legs into mud for a long time and the legs will be faded color, just like the waterlogging. Some people would be deceived by such trick, but you have to know the length of waterlogging on genuine ancient furniture should be less than one inches and it is more excessive on fake ones.

Fourthly, look at all the mortise and tenon joints on furniture, whether they are tight, however, if it is too tight, it should be the new fake ancient furniture.

Fifth, looking at the bottom parts and back parts of furniture, you have to check whether the color is the same and whether the worn-out degree is the same. The furniture surface is easy to be forged, however, it is not easy to do this at bottom or back. Therefore if you notice that the color and lustre at furniture surface and bottom are different, you should not buy such so-called ancient furniture.

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