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How to Look Younger and More Attractive



Whiter Brighter Teeth. There are many products on the market that work quite well at whitening your teeth. If you have severely discolored teeth, you should consider seeing your dentist for a professional whitening treatment. Your dentist may even recommend an over the counter whitener that will be right for you.

Clear complexion. If you have freckles or pregnancy mask or dark spots created by acne, a good fade cream may work miracles for your face. There are many products available over the counter. For other types of spots, you should probably see your dermatologist. A jar of fade cream should cost about $10 so its a very affordable solution to many skin problems.

Good Hair. Beautiful hair can make all the difference in your appearance. If you don't have time to blow dry and style your hair each morning, one solution would be to keep it nice and short. Go out and get regular haircuts if you are not already doing so. Grey hair doesn't have to be dyed to look beautiful, talk to your stylist about how to make it work best for you if you are not interested in coloring.

Make-up. Update your make-up with the latest colors for your skin type. Very often women tend to stick to one shade for decades. Try to wear make up that is not so heavy that its caked on but heavy enough that it evens out your skin tones and brightens up your eyes.

Smile often! Smiling pulls your wrinkles away from your face and makes others more receptive to you, which makes you more attractive to others. Don't be afraid of smile lines!

Buy some new clothes. Even if you have to shop at Target or Walmart to refresh your decade old closet, do it. You age yourself many years by wearing out of date or ill fitting clothing. Bring a friend along for advice if you need it.

Glasses or Contacts. If you can wear contact lenses, get them and show off your pretty face. If you can't wear contacts, be sure you are wearing the latest trend in glasses so you don't look like an old fart in your ol'Sally Jesse Rafael red rimmed glasses! Bring a friend with you if possible since its difficult to see what you look like trying on new glasses without your prescription.

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