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What Makes a Tuner Car?


    • Tuner cars are configured to perform at the best level possible in regards to speed and handling, given the base motor vehicle. This is typically achieved by replacing many of their parts. Compact, imported vehicles are the most common tuner cars, although other vehicles are regularly converted as well.


    • A tuner car cannot undergo just slight modifications. Rather, extreme performance modifications are required. These typically include body upgrades, suspension system replacement, engine upgrades and sometimes larger tires and a bigger engine.

    Typical Models

    • Typical models that car aficionados make into tuner cars include the Acura Integra, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus and Chevrolet Cobalt, as well as some Nissan, Dodge, BMW and Volkswagen compact cars.

    Tuner Car Scene

    • Many car competitions are devoted to tuner cars. The cars are also often featured at motocross events, time attack and drag races and at custom car shows.

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