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How to Treat a Yeast Infection - Rapid Relief Without Drugs

So you've been around the block, you know the drill, you get a yeast infection and you make an appointment with the doctor.
You finally see the doctor after staying in the waiting room for 30min, the doctor hands you a form to fill out to get your prescription.
You go down to the pharmacy you are either lucky and your prescription will be ready or the usual you have to wait and come back in a few hours.
You know what is completely ironic and ridiculous about this entire situation.
If you had used a natural solution to treat your yeast infection right away, by the time you received your prescription your yeast infection could be 100% Gone! You could very easily and quickly eat 3-6 cloves of raw garlic, place a piece of raw garlic into the vagina.
Apply clay powder to the outer area to reduce irritation or apply a specific mixture of boric acid with water to begin destroying the infection.
As the title suggests this article is about how to treat a yeast infection.
More importantly its about saving time and treating yourself without drugs.
Why does that matter, well not only is it a hassle to acquire the drugs in the first place and can be costly seeing a doctor depending on your insurance.
The same drugs used to supposedly "kill" your yeast infection in fact help create super soldiers out of your yeast.
This is because yeast is an intelligent organism that will do what it must to survive.
Drugs come in and bombard and attack the yeast head on, the problem is the yeast figure out what the drug does and very quickly increase their self defense you could say.
What this means is the next time you get an infection (And you will if you use drugs) the yeast will be a super strain that will be more resilient and cause many more problems.
This can actually escalate to a dangerous situation where you are needlessly putting your overall health at risk! Is it worth it really? Not at all.
Natural treatments are not some hippy, new age way of saving the planet and your body at the same time, it's a way to cure your body by working with your body instead of treating it like a machine which based on biology is more or less how drugs interact with the human body.
The beauty of natural ways in how to treat a yeast infection is that they can be cheap, far more effective than drugs and they're safe! So the next time you are trying to decide how to treat a yeast infection, don't overlook natural cures, they've been used for thousands of years for a reason!

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