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Spending Too Much On A Date With Her

When it comes to dating one of the most compounding questions is related to money.
Yes, you cannot deny the fact that several men find themselves confuse whether to spend for a date or not.
There are also men who are wondering how much should they spend or should they even spend anything at all.
This confusion can be attributed to the age-old belief that men should be providers and they should prove this by spending for their date.
Traditionally, men take women on dates and they pay for it.
It does not matter where he takes her as long as he pays for it.
In the olden times, dates are synonymous to taking her to an expensive restaurant, which can take its toll on the budget if done on a frequent basis.
However, times have changed and men now have a better understanding at women.
Nevertheless, there are still men who are confused about this "spending" aspect of dating.
Some men believe that in order to win her, he must be willing to shell out cash.
It is like a means of impressing her or proving himself to her.
This is the reason why they take her to dinner at some expensive and luxurious restaurant.
Unfortunately, by spending on her you are practically setting an expectation that will make things harder for you.
When you keep on spending for your dates, she will be expecting that you will do this every time and the moment you do not, it will be a very big disappointment to her.
You are lucky if you are dating someone, who is upfront and tells you that it is not going to work out between the two of you despite all the effort and the spending.
What if you are dating someone who is only there to milk you dry? Obviously, you are the one on the losing end.
You see my friend you have other options when it comes to dating.
It does not necessarily mean expensive dinners, flowers, and chocolates.
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