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Topamax Sleep Problems And Warnings

Associations between Topamax and birth defects have now been very common. This happened around March of 2011 after the Food and Drug Administration reported that there is an increased risk of babies developing cleft palate who have mothers taking Topamax. Yet, there are still other side effects that it can give despite birth defects as the most discussed subject when Topamax becomes a topic. It might not be as worse as suffering from birth defects. Still, it is a great threat to our health. Now, especially if you are a man, you should be warned about sleep problems associated with Topamax use.

Here, the word somnolence comes in pertaining to the sleep problems associate dwith using Topamax. Now, what is this somnolence? This happens to be the act of feeling excessively tired and drowsy. Oftentimes, a person in this condition would have a strong desire to sleep. Then, when the decision to sleep comes in, it will then be spent on oddly long period and is also called hypersomnia.

From here, we have to understand the fact that this sleeping problem is hard to control and in the long run will obviously create a series of problems. In fact, it can even cost a life. With this, it can send a jolt of alarm to everyone. Now, heres what we have to know about the sleeping problems created by Topamax use. Differneces are present when people take Topamax for migraine prevention and epilepsy treatment. For people using Topamax as a treatment for their epilepsy, it is dosage dependent. For example, when Topamax is used alone, sleeping problems increases while experiencing fatigue. Meanwhile, when Topamax is taken together with other antiepileptic drug, fatigue increases while ones rate of sleeping problems remain the same.

From the facts being gathered by professionals in relation to the problematic sleeping side effects of Topamax, it looks really bad. According to some individuals, a significant number of them has been said to experience sleep walking. Moreover, the number one complaint they have is their excessive sleeping and the strong urge to sleep that has lead them to accidents.

These topamax complaints regarding sleep side effects have been increasing that the FDA immediately instructed its manufacturers to put in its warning and precautions section the sleep side effects of Topamax. In this situation, since people were not informed about these possible side effects, is there a legal consideration that can be undertaken? Topamax lawyers are studying this situation and have the right answers for you. If you have problems with Topamax use and wants to legally consider your situation, you should immediately call a Topamax lawyer.

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