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Business Website Design - Why Handmade Is Best When Starting Your Web Design

If you're at the start of a new website project then you need to read this article to make sure that you don't waste valuable time at the start using the wrong "technologies" for design.
Websites belong to the world of technology and software, but that does not mean that you can only use hi-tech methods to create them! Paper and pencil (and eraser) are the best tools you can use to start designing your new website.
If instead you race ahead and use graphical editors and/or coding straight away then you risk making one of these common problems:
  • Distraction
  • Wasting Time and Effort
  • Poor Design
Distraction Photoshop and other graphical editors are powerful tools that let your imagination run wild and it is very common for people to want to "experiment" with design ideas at the start.
However if you jump right into to software then you inevitably lose sight of the website's purpose.
The first design task should always be information organisation.
You need to know which information will be presented and how it will be organised so that the user can navigate around the site.
This is best performed using old-fashioned methods such as pencil and paper.
It lets you concentrate on the details of the information architecture rather than getting distracted by design elements like colours, textures and so on.
Wasting Time and Effort If you design in a graphical editor and/or start coding at the startthen the chances are you are just wasting your time.
You may think that presenting flashy digital mock-ups or prototypes gives a better impression, but when the client asks for something completely different then you will inevitably have to start from scratch again.
There is nothing wrong with using software to create a mock-up, but you must get the basics agreed first.
Poor Design It is crucial to design the basic site layout as soon as possible in the design process, and this is most easily accomplished on paper.
If you do this and organise the data in a clear and intuitive way then you will be well on your way to developing a site that users will enjoy using.
However, if you skip this step and startusing technology too soon, then the usability issues may not show up until much later when it will be too late or very expensive to fix.
Starting your web design process on paper not only saves you time and effort, but will result in a site that delivers a much better experience to your target users.

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