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Self-Leadership Principle: Value Integrity

Have you ever heard someone claiming to have values such as honesty and integrity? Think about it for a moment and let's challenge your thoughts about the real meaning of 'integrity'.

When looking at your favorite dictionary, you might be surprised to find that honesty is part of the definition of integrity. You'll also find that integrity not only means honesty and adherence to moral and ethical principles; but it also means a state of being whole, entire, and complete. I would like to explore the second meaning of the word; a state of being complete. This is a crucial concept in order to run a prosperous business.

So what does it mean for you and your business to act with integrity? Ask yourself when was the last time you worked on a project to the finish line? Some of us are expert at having a myriad of ideas without ever doing the first step to go from the initial thought to the project completed. Worse, you might even be more interested in your virtual creations than in executing a plan to manifest these creations as you secretly fear you don't have what it takes.

As soon as you start thinking of the necessary action you'll have to take, the neurons in your brain will start firing questions hard to answer and you will use these as excuses not to pursue further your goals and fantastic visions. Let's say my vision is to become an extremely successful blogger in my niche market. Look at the incredibly non-supportive thoughts your mind might create;
  • "I don't know anything about blogging and I am far to be an Internet expert";
  • "Successful bloggers have high expertise in their field, I haven't experienced so many things in my life so what can I possibly talk about that will be of interest to others";
  • "Once done, I have not a clue how to market it? Besides I am on a very tight budget!"
  • {...}

Instead of getting trapped in these difficulties without doing anything about them, acknowledge that your mind is incredibly creative and powerful. Surely if it can find so many Herculean tasks, it can also find solutions to overcome each of them!

Notice how you feel when you have a goal and never achieve it. Then recall your emotions and feelings when it happened that you completed something you had dreamed of making happen. Do you feel the difference?

It would be a useful to dedicate some time of your day reviewing all your projects. List all of them, then assess what you have done so far to make them a reality. Are they still abstract? Or have you taken some actions to complete them?

Value integrity and it will make you feel good, rich and creative, productive and of tremendous value to the marketplace. It will also mean you are committed to your success and the success of your business.

Be like a kid in a candy store, brainstorm many new ideas but whatever project you set your mind to, make sure you also do whatever it takes to finish it. Finally, don't forget to take great pleasure and feel immense satisfaction from your accomplishments!

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