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Disabled Hand Controls and What You Need to Know

Becoming disabled means you have a lot of things you've taken for granted taken away from you, and if you were born disabled you have a permanent feeling that you'll never experience so many things.
As you can imagine this feeling is terrible to have, as is the long list of things someone who's in a wheelchair will never be able to do.
I'm not going to sit here and compose a list, but what anyone can realize is that a massive sense of frustration is created when someone becomes disabled.
It's not the fact that if you can't walk you need help boarding a plane when going on holiday, it's that the little things in life which were once done without thought are now difficult tasks if not impossible.
Going down to your local shops to pick up some groceries is something a lot of us do without even realizing.
But clearly if you can't use your body from the waist down an insignificant trip like this suddenly becomes a mission with planning, help and numbers to call if you're in trouble.
Disabled hand controls give people back the sense of freedom which they lost, or give it to people who've never experienced it.
These hand controls are installed on normal cars and can be bought online and remove the need for the legs by circumventing the floor pedals so that their actions such as breaking and accelerating can in fact be controlled by hand levers near the steering wheel, hence giving disabled people the independence and responsibility for their own actions and their own lives which they so desperately need.

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