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How to Convert Visual Basic to Java

    • 1). Start your Internet browser. Go to the Diamond Edge Products website.

    • 2). Download and install VB Converter to your computer. There is a 30 day trial period with the download. After that, you have to pay to keep VB Converter. 2009 VB Converter price: $495. VB Converter is a plugin for Visual Basic, so you will see it as a new toolbar in Visual Basic.

    • 3). Launch VB Converter on your computer. Verify that VB Converter is showing up as a new toolbar in Visual Basic. If you do not see it, go to the "View" menu and then "Toolbars" to select it.

    • 4). Open the Visual Basic project that has the code that you want to convert to Java. Close any other open items that you do not want to convert.

    • 5). Locate the VB Converter toolbar. Click the "Make Java" button on the VB Converter toolbar. Then immediately click "Run Java." This will convert the Visual Basic to Java.

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