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Broilmaster Grills - The Best All-Purpose Grill for the Weekend Grill Is a Broilmaster Grill

The claim in the title is not just that of one of the thousands of satisfied Broilmaster owners.
It is from an article in Money Magazine, June 18, 2004 which called the Broilmaster P3 "Best All-Purpose Grill.
" Contributing writer for Money, Paul Lukas, noted the Broilmaster's rugged construction and versatility.
Then went on: "It costs more than a comparably sized Weber, but it's worth it.
" Why is the Broilmaster Grill Your Best Choice? There was a time when gas grills were made of cast aluminum and high quality, durable parts that were designed to last for many years.
Unfortunately, those days are mostly gone.
Luckily, Broilmaster is one of the only manufacturers that still offers this kind of construction, and backs it up with a warranty that says they are serious about grilling.
Broilmaster grills are among the most durable grills you can buy.
The company offers a comprehensive warranty that is unlike any other in the industry.
From the day you purchase a Broilmaster grill for home use, the company will provide free replacement for any defective part covered by the warranty.
Some parts have specific warranty limitations, but a lifetime warranty on any grill is enough to show you that the company is serious about providing a quality product.
Heavy Duty, Solid Construction and Ease of Use All Broilmaster grills have heavy duty, solid construction.
Many have multi-position stainless steel cooking grates to make them versatile, and most models have a shutter system that allows you to switch from direct to indirect heating by just moving a lever.
They use an electric push button ignition system that runs off of standard double A batteries.
They are designed to be either hooked up to a natural gas line or to run off of standard propane tanks.
You can purchase accessories such as covers and an optional side burner that can make the product even more useful for outdoor entertaining.
Broilmaster uses a unique bow tie burner to provide even heat.
If you are looking for a grill that is long lasting, durable, and versatile, check into what Broilmaster grills have to offer.

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