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Cabinet Refacing Instructions

    • 1). Measure the doors and drawer faces, and write down the dimensions, width first. Alternatively, measure the width and height of the openings for the doors and drawers and add 1 inch to each measurement. For example, if your door opening is 10 inches wide and 14 inches high, record a measurement of 11 inches by 15 inches. Double check all of the measurements before you order replacement door and drawer fronts.

    • 2). Remove the drawers. Unscrew the door hinges from the inside of the cabinet doors to remove them from the cabinet box.

    • 3). Clean the cabinet box on the inside and outside, using an all-purpose cleaner. Allow the surface to dry.

    • 4). Fill any holes or cracks with wood putty, and scrape flat with a putty knife. Allow the putty to dry for two hours.

    • 5). Sand the cabinet box to prepare it for refacing. The surface should be uniformly dull. Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth that has been dampened with a mixture of water and mild dish soap. When dry, wipe away the dust with a static duster or a dry microfiber cloth.

    • 6). Unroll the self-adhesive veneer. Measure the end panels of the cabinet box, and then cut veneer panels to size. Use a metal ruler to make straight cuts with a utility knife.

    • 7). Remove the top edge of the backing, and press it against the top edge of the end panel. Slowly pull the backing off, pressing the veneer to the panel until it is applied. If you're using pre-cut veneer, brush wood glue on the back, and press it in place. Secure with finishing nails.

    • 8). Measure and cut the areas around the door openings. Apply the strips in the same manner as the end panels. Trim the edges with a utility knife as necessary.

    • 9). Screw the hinges to the new doors, using the old doors as a guide. Hold the hinge in place, and drill screw holes that are just smaller than the width of the screws. Attach the new doors to the corresponding door openings on the cabinet box with a screwdriver.

    • 10

      Remove the old drawer fronts by removing the screws from the inside. Put the new drawer fronts in place, and attach them to the drawer boxes with screws, drilling screw holes if necessary. If your drawer fronts are part of the drawer box, cut the edges so that the front piece is flush with the sides. Turn the box around, and attach the new front to the former back of the drawer box. Replace the drawers.

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