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How to Maintain a Close Friendship

    • 1). Arrange regular meetings or phone calls. This is the most direct form of socializing, as you'll be able to speak one-on-one about new developments within each other's lives, allowing you both to stay up-to-date and informed about the other person. If you don't live close to one another, consider using video-chat to stay socially connected.

    • 2). Use social media websites. A wide range of options exist for helping you keep in touch with your friends, and new websites are emerging all the time. Popular choices include Facebook, Myspace and Google+.

    • 3). Be reliable when you have plans. Although there will occasionally be times where it's impossible to stick to your original plans, you should strive to keep all your scheduled arrangements with your friend. If you occasionally cancel plans, your friend may perceive it as a lack of interest and feel less motivated to take time to see you.

    • 4). Show forgiveness and understanding throughout your friendship. Accept that nobody is perfect, and it's likely that you and your friend will eventually have disagreements and conflicts which lead to bad feelings. However, if you learn to communicate and talk through these problems, it may result in your friendship becoming stronger afterward.

    • 5). Defend your friend from criticism or insults. This will demonstrate your loyalty, and is an important characteristic of strong friendships.

    • 6). Remember important days in your friend's life. This doesn't just include birthdays, but could also be times when your friend may be feeling vulnerable -- for example, on the anniversary of a family member's death. By remembering these details, you will be able to closely support your friend and demonstrate your continued consideration over time.

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