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How to Make the Ringer Louder on an iPhone

    • 1). Check the ringer switch on the side on your iPhone and make sure that it is not switched to silent or vibrate mode. Toggle the switch until you see the bell icon on your iPhone screen showing that the iPhone is set to ring mode.

    • 2). Turn up the volume of your iPhone by pressing the Volume Up button on the left side of the iPhone. The iPhone screen will display the volume setting.

    • 3). Change from a custom ringtone to a built-in ringtone like "Marimba" if you are still having trouble hearing your ringtone. Also, try turning off and on your iPhone to reset your audio settings.

    • 4). Remove any third-party cases that are holding your iPhone if the ring sound is still not loud enough. Check that the plastic display cover that the iPhone is shipped in is entirely removed so that the plastic is not covering up the speaker holes. Also, check that the speaker holes are not covered by lint or other debris. If you notice that the holes are plugged, use a small, soft, dry brush to carefully clean the speaker holes.

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