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"I Just Wanted to Escape," Gay Stories from Teens

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teens have extremely varied personal experiences. Here a few real teens share their gay stories of everything from coming out to substance use, relationships and life at school.

1. "It's Like a War Going on Inside You," A Gay Teen Reflects on Coming Out

Colby is a 15-year-old gay teen. Recently he decided to come out to friends and family. But the process was not without difficulty.As he says, "It's like a war going on inside you—there's the side that knows who you truly are, and then there's the side that wants to deny it. It's constantly on your mind, you can't get rid of it, and if you are lucky enough to forget about it for a while, it always comes back to you, washing over you like an Antarctic wave, chilling you and sending you into an unexplainable depression." Here's how Colby dealt with this internal battle...More »

2. "I Just Wanted to Escape," A Gay Teen Explains His Drug Use

Jakalope, a 16-year-old gay teen, has dealt with a problem familiar to a lot of gay teens: substance use. He feels that a contributing factor was being the victim of homophobia. "There was a while, when I was feeling really lonely. I live in a rural community, and gays are more or less at the bottom of the food chain," he explains.As a result he started smoking pot. Find out more about Jakalope's struggles and how he's dealing with his situation now...More »

3. "Life Didn't Feel Like Such a Scary Thing," A Lesbian Teen Talk Substance Use

Kendall is a 16-year-old lesbian who makes her own clothes and loves movies, music and books, but even with all her interests the pressure of life as a lesbian teen lead her to experiment with alcohol and drugs. Find out how a near overdose and a love of animals, served as a wake up call.More »

4. "Learn From My Experience," A Lesbian Teen Shares Her Advice

It took 15-year-old Mihomi, a lacrosse player and alternative music fan, a little while to figure out that she was a lesbian. But once she did, she became confident enough to come out to most people in her life and to offer advice to other girls going through similar situations. Here are some of her tips for girls who are struggling with their sexual orientation...More »

5. "The Best Part is Feeling Liberated:" A Lesbian Teen's Coming Out Story

What's it like to come out to a supportive mom when your stepfather is homophobic? Here a lesbian teen shares her story and talks about how despite any challenges, coming out has been a very freeing experience. Find out more about life as an openly lesbian teen...More »

6. "My First Bra:" A Lesbian Teen's Story

Ask grown-up women what some of the defining moments of early puberty were for them and chances are you'll hear things like, "getting my period for the first time," or "getting my first bra."But how we feel about these experiences will be affected by everything from our body image to our feelings about our sexual orientation and gender identity, and even our personalities. Jade, a 14-year-old lesbian who describes her style as a mix of indie and androgynous, recalls how the first time she went bra shopping provided a bit of an unwelcome reality check. More »

7. "Constantly Imagining the First Time," Gay Teens on Sex & Dating

Teacher crushes, unenjoyable hook-ups with the opposite sex, feelings for a trans friend and, yes, constantly imagining what the first time will be like, are all part of the GLBT teen experience with sex.As Zach says, "I worry that I'm passing up any remotely potential options because they don't fit my fairy tale idea." See what other gay teens say about their experiences with sex.More »

8. "Why Do I Have to Choose Between My Faith & Love?" Gay Teens Talk Christianity

From wondering if God put her on earth to test if it is possible to be lesbian and Christian, to coming out as trans in a conservative Church and finding acceptance from a Unitarian Universalist congregation, there is a huge range of experiences that GLBT teens have with Christianity. For example a teen lesbian going by Mhhhhmz wonders, "I am a Christian even though I am gay, but I don’t understand why, just because I’m gay, I have to choose my faith or love." Read more about the agony and the ecstasy of being a gay Christian teen...More »

9. "All I Know is I Like Other Girls," Lesbian & Bi Girls Talk Coming Out

A girl who's out, has a girlfriend who isn't.Another tells her homophobic father she's bi. And as Brandy says, "I just started out by telling my friends. I didn't care I just told them I am a bisexual that is who I am." What was it like for other lesbian and bisexual teens? Find out here...More »

10. "The Only Thing I Regret is Lying to My Mom," Gay Teen Coming Out Stories

Should you come out to your parents, friends, teachers? Or is it better to stay closeted until you are out of high school?As Aaron says, "I'd heard about all the things gay people have had to deal with and I just didn't want to experience that. Then I met Justin..." Find out what it was like for other gay teens to come out...More »

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