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Discount Authentic Prada Handbags

The very name Prada demands respect when it comes to designer style. Prada handbags are no exception. Not to mention the high quality standards of such a designer handbag. For these reasons they are highly sought after. For many though, they need to find them discounted in order to afford them. This can be difficult. How is one to distinguish between the authentic Prada handbag and the replica?

As one of the most sought after designer handbags out there, competition can be fierce. Some companies have resorted to selling replicas. But what if you are just looking for a good deal? Is there such a thing? Can you find an discounted authentic Prada handbag? The answer is yes. One reason is the overhead of a brick and mortar retail store. These companies have to pay thousands for employees, rent, insurance and maintenance costs. They have to mark up the merchandise to cover these costs. The other reason is inventory rotation. If these companies do not sell the handbags in a specific amount of time they rotate them out. They then sell them to wholesalers in lots. This is where the online discount stores come in. They purchase these items and pass on the savings. How do you separate the authentic Prada handbag online store from the fake?

First start with the actual merchandise. Which Prada models or styles are they selling? If the company is offering that very hard to find handbag at a huge discount it is unlikely they are legitimate. A good example of this with Prada is the fairy handbag. Now you are starting to see some become available at a discount because they have been out for some time. Let us say someone was able to come across one a few months ago at the height of its popularity for a discount, it would throw up a red flag. Why would they offer something at a discount that they could easily get for full retail value? This is a big reason to question the authenticity. A handbag that is currently in season and in high demand is not likely to be discounted.

Second consider the company. Take a good look at their website. Is it easy to contact them? Do they provide more than just an email address? Can you contact them by phone? Where are they located? If the information is available, look into who runs the company. Are they up front with who is behind the website or is it shrouded in mystery? You can often find this information on the about us page.

The last thing you can look at is the return policy. Does the company stand behind their products? Do they stand behind the authenticity of their products?

Can some one find authentic designer handbags online? Most definitely yes. Since the advent of the internet finding great deals on merchandise has become easier. Finding that perfect authentic Prada handbag is possible. One simply has to look carefully into a few things before deciding.

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