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Cost of Having a Baby in the Hospital


    • The first cost related to having your baby goes to the doctor and nurses who deliver your child. This can add up to approximately a third of your bill. This number will fluctuate depending on what hospital you have your child in as well as what state you live in.


    • The next cost associated with your childbirth is the anesthesiologist. In this cost, you are paying both for the services of the professional as well as the cost of the anesthesia products.


    • The next large chunk of your hospital bill belongs to your hospital. This cost pays for your daily bed rate, your food, your basic care and basic staffing.

    Intensive Care

    • If your newborn requires time in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), you can expect to pay a large additional amount for your hospital bill. The average daily costs for intensive care for your baby is $2,000 per day.


    • During the childbirth process, there can be a host of unforeseen problems that may occur. These may require additional testing, which will be added to your total final costs.


    • Most hospital costs are tallied by day. If you or your baby are required to stay in the hospital additional days after the birth because of complications, you will be charged for every extra day. You will also be charged for any additional treatments, tests, supplies or specialists needed to continue your stay.

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