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How to Knit a Stuffed Dog


    • 1). Purchase a knitting pattern or book with a stuffed dog you would like to make. There are many patterns for animal shapes available for downloading on the Internet.

    • 2). Knit a gauge swatch and measure it as instructed in the pattern. Be sure your knitting is tight enough that the stuffing will not show between the stitches. If your swatch stitches are too loose, consider using larger needles. Knit another swatch with the bigger needles, to make sure your stitches are tight enough to keep the stuffing securely inside the dog.

    • 3). Cast on your beginning stitches, and start knitting according to the pattern. The various pieces of your dog will be knit in the round. The legs, arms and tail will be knit as closed tubes. The body and head will be more spherical in shape.

    • 4). Check your knit work after several inches to be sure the fabric is as tightly knit as your gauge swatch. As you become more comfortable with the pattern, you may unintentionally loosen your work. If you find this to be the case, you may need to switch to larger needles before continuing.

    • 5). Knit each of the pieces of the dog, but stop just before you complete it. Leave an opening about 1 inch in diameter at the end of each piece.

    • 6). Fill each piece of your dog with the pillow stuffing, using enough stuffing for the pieces to keep their shape, but not so tightly that you can't knit the opening shut.

    • 7). Sew the stuffed knit pieces together according to the pattern, being sure to secure the beginning and ending stitches so that the dog does not fall apart with play.

    • 8). Use the embroidery thread to create facial features on the dog. Use straight hand-sewn stitches and tie off the thread securely when completed.

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