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Why Do We Think All Things At A Cheap Price Are An Indication Of Inferior Quality And Bad Workmanshi

In these trying financial times everyone is thinking of extra ways to bring in money or to save money. Online bidding sites might not be a new thing, but the whole concept of having a cheap auctions site astounded me.


The first thing that goes through my mind when I see a cheap price is that somewhere something is not right. Is it the quality of the product? Can it be a scam to get some of my hard earned cash out of my pocket into the hands of some unsavoury characters?Is this because I am a natural pessimist, not trusting and taking chances? Or is it an inner voice, a so called six sense trying to warn me when things are not as they should be?

The Facts

LetâEUR(TM)s look at the facts before coming to a conclusion. Not all products that are cheap are of an inferior quality. It might just be that the item you are interested in has been repossessed or sold at a very cheap price, that way it could be sold again at a cheap auction and still make a profit for the owner. Another possible reason for a cheap price can be an over saturated market. People have to sell goods that there is surplus of for a cheap price, otherwise they will not sell. Sometimes an item can go for a fraction of the price you usually pay because the packaging has been damaged. That way you buy a perfectly new product, but without the box. An occurrence that happens, but is frowned upon is when employees get products at a special discount for personal use. They then resell the item for a profit, but the online price are still less than you would pay at retail.

All these possible reasons for the cheap price makes my one concern regarding inferior quality seem rather, well silly, wouldnâEUR(TM)t you say? But still it does happen, though it is not the norm.

Be Aware

Some things you have to make very sure of. If itâEUR(TM)s an item with a brand name, make sure it is spelled correctly; wrong spelling could indicate a fake.Like in all things regarding the internet there is only one golden rule. Be awake, be aware and be alert. There is never a good enough reason to rush into something without being careful. Look into a sites history, their track record, and some references. This way you donâEUR(TM)t only protect yourself, but also your assets.


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