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Search Engine Secrets - The Best "Set It & Forget It" Technique

The problem with getting SEO traffic is that you can actually wind up with a new full time job if you don't watch out.
That is why I want to show you a great "set it & forget it" strategy that you can use to get massive amounts of free traffic to your site.
Secret #1: You need to realize that if you do all the quick and easy techniques, you will wind up with no traffic and get booted out of the search engines.
What I mean by that is - a lot of people want you to believe that you can use software to get you ranked high.
That is true temporarily, but long term you will wind up with nothing.
The reason is that the search engines know how these tools work & they want to make sure you don't use them.
So stay away or you will find yourself further behind then ever before.
Secret #2: Make sure you only focus on link building.
Once you get a few hundred great links - your done!I have a site in a very competitive market that I have not done a thing to it in over a year and a half.
You know what? I still am ranked for the top keyword in that market! If you were to buy the paid traffic for that keyword it would cost you over $4.
00 a click for the top spot.
So, realize that good link building now will insure you don't have to do anything later!

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