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Dating Conversation Topics - Good Conversation on First Dates

If you've just met someone new, one of the most important things to remember is good conversation on first dates.
Nobody wants a date filled with awkward silence, or worse yet uncomfortable discussion, so bearing in mind some good dating conversation topics can be invaluable.
Do not try to forcibly fill silences, but keep the conversation going at a natural and healthy pace.
Do not be afraid to make light of an awkward or embarrassing moment, as turning an uncomfortable gaffe into a good laugh can make all the difference.
One of the tried and true dating conversation topics is asking about the other person's life.
What do they do for a living? Do they have siblings? Where did they grow up? Asking questions like this makes you date feel as though you are interested in them and can lead to all sorts of additional conversational topics, such as what a certain city is like to live in or what working in a particular profession is like.
It's also good to ask about your date's interests and hobbies.
Most people have a fondness for a few very interesting things and it can fuel hours of good conversation.
If you or your date are familiar with a particular topic (such as dog breeds or philosophy) that can be wonderful for a stimulating and interesting conversation, combining elements of simple idle conversation and getting to know each other better.
There are some things that should never be dating conversation topics.
Asking questions about ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, particularly specific questions, can be very off-putting.
Your love interest is on a date with you, not their ex, and stirring up such topics will likely make the date memorable in all the wrong ways.
Similarly, on first dates, do not discuss your own ex-lover, as your date wants you to be interested in them and likely does not want to hear the gruesome details of your previous relationships.
Unless you are both very open-minded, it is also best to avoid discussing details of politics and religion.
Do not drive a wedge between you before you even begin! The best dating conversation topics are those that allow you to have an idle chat but grant the opportunity to reveal a fair bit about yourselves to each other.
By focusing the conversations during those first dates on a few tried and true topics, and avoiding any topics that might be divisive or alienating, you and your date can grow closer together and learn a lot about each other.

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