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How to Reinstall WinXP Without the OEM Disc

    • 1). Restart your computer if it is on. Turn it on if it is not. During startup, press the key that opens your BIOS menu (typically F2 or "Delete," but look at your screen for information).

    • 2). Scroll to the boot setting for your PC. Ensure that "Boot from CD-ROM" is at the top of the boot settings. Save your settings and exit.

    • 3). Insert the installation CD into the CD drive of your computer when the computer restarts. The Windows XP installation program will start up after the computer reads the CD.

    • 4). Agree to the EULA for Microsoft.

    • 5). Enter your Windows XP product key at the next prompt.

    • 6). Specify that you want to reinstall Windows XP, and not format the drive for a new installation.

    • 7). Follow the prompts given for the remainder of the re-installation. You should be able to accept the default option for any choices offered.

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