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The iPad"s Impact on Early Childhood Education

According to the public school curriculum, students are instructed in the use of computers in first grade, but do not begin the "Type to Learn" process until fourth grade.
As we can see, there is a gap of three years until the students are taught to type.
Just think of the potential for the technological advancement of students that could be gained from computer instruction in those three years with the use of app development for tablet computers, like the iPad.
nd Currently, the highest frequency of computer usage among elementary students (across 15 different countries) is for the purpose of playing games.
Undoubtedly, it would be beneficial to both students and parents if this shifted to a higher frequency by utilizing mobile apps on tablet computers to develop vital reading, writing and research skills.
iPad development for children's games creates the potential to not only revolutionize the electronic gaming and learning industry, but also substantially effect on everyday board and card games.
The following is a list of children's learning products that have the potential for app development into tablet computers or other mobile platforms: - GeoSafari Laptop (Geography, history, science, language, math $70) - Vtech Laptop (Language arts, math, science, social studies $70) - Smart Play Bilingual Laptop (Alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors $20) - LeapFrog Starter Bundle (System, game cartridges $115) - Hooked on Phonics Spelling Kit ($33) - Kidz Delight Evolution Max (Learning and arcade games $65) - Flashcards ($13 per subject) The following is a list of games that could be developed into mobile apps (some already have): - Etch A Sketch ($12) - Bop It ($20) - Checkers ($10) - Scrabble ($16) - Operation ($17) - Clue ($18) - Monopoly Junior ($15) - Rubik's Cube ($12) - Jigsaw Puzzle ($8) Purchasing all of the above products would cost $514; now compare that with the price of the iPad - $499.
Not to mention the amount spent by parents on books alone - with an average cost of $10 per children's book.
Suppose a child has 25 books, that's an additional $250.
And many children have Netbooks, which are at least $200.
Add to that one of the many gaming consoles, like Wii, and that's another $200.
And don't forget the Nintendo DS at $130.
That brings the grand total to a whopping $1,294! Not only are you saving money upfront by purchasing the iPad, but you are also consolidating into a portable and easy to use device.
This also means less chance of breakage, wear and tear, etc.
With all of these things taken into consideration, it seems the obvious choice would be the iPad.
Not only will children have fun while using it, they will be learning at the same time.
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