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About Furniture Slipcovers


    • Stretch pique slipcover from Contourelle

      The function of a slipcover is to protect the furniture and keep it from wearing out or to hide it because it no longer matches, is worn out, out of date, ugly or all of the above, or to change or update the look of a room. How many times have you stared at that old couch wishing you could replace it? A slipcover is the next best thing. Shop for a slipcover online or at stores, bring one home and, in a few minutes, even you may forget you're not looking at a brand new couch.


    • Wing chair slipcover, JC Penney

      There are more types of slipcovers than ever before. They look great and are priced affordably. Sofa and loveseat slipcovers can be bought to match, either in a loose-fitting tuck style or stretch fabric. Have a matching ottoman? You'll find a stretch slipcover for it too. The dining room chairs, the living room chairs, the recliners in the family room--no matter what type of upholstered furniture it is, there is a slipcover to fit it and make it beautiful all over again.


    • Sure Fit leopard print dining chair cover

      With slipcovers, you can try an entirely new decorating scheme. Does that boring Wedgwood blue furniture Mom gave you have "good bones"? If you like the lines, you'll love it in leopard print. Even wild and impractical colors like lime green or lemon yellow are suddenly no problem, because these slipcovers can come off.


    • Sure Fit 2 piece stretch pique slipcover

      Does your couch have loose back pillows? How will they look with the new slipcover? You may need to replace them or cover them too. Sure Fit makes coordinating pillows for their slipcovers, and there are hundreds of other choices online. If your couch or loveseat has one or two standard rectangle cushions, then you can get a custom look with a stretch slipcover and separate cushion cover. You can even put two seat cushions in one long stretch cover and zip it closed. However, if your couch or love seat has a T-shaped seat cushion or 2 L-shaped cushions, you will need a special form-fitting stretch cover for shaped furniture. Non-stretch slipcovers with tie corners can work on couches with standard shape cushions, but be aware that even though they come with tucking devices, they don't stay tucked for long.

    Expert Insight

    • Slipcovers have gone in and out of fashion over the years. At one time, the finest homes had different slipcovers for different seasons. The actual furniture might be in a deep-toned heavy fabric to ward off the winter chill, but for spring and summer, out came the light floral covers custom made by skilled artisans. Custom slipcovers are still available through upholstery shops, or you can even make your own. Find tutorials and videos from many sources online. If you are expert at sewing or have taken classes in do-it-yourself upholstery, you'll find making your own slipcovers exacting but rewarding. If not, take advantage of the many affordable, ready-made options available today.

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