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Big Ticket to Wealth - What Everyone Should Know About This Company

Big Ticket To Wealth is one of the largest online marketing and mentoring programs.
The company offers full training and support in learning how to market any business, product or service online.
The company gives their marketing students the international affiliate rights to market the business for free when you sign up for their marketing mentoring program.
Big Ticket To Wealth was created in 2007 by Gerald Van Yerxa who is now of course the company CEO.
Gerald is an online marketing expert with over 30 years of marketing experience.
He has been a top earner in marketing including MLM and has a passion for helping others achieve the same success.
Anyone who has ever heard Gerald speak quickly realizes that he has a servant's heart and runs this company with integrity and honesty.
The Product The product that Big Ticket To Wealth offers is the marketing mentoring program.
Once you become a student of the program, as mentioned above, you get the right to use what you learn to market the program and receive rather large commissions.
You also get the right to sell marketing materials such as flash videos and ebooks.
Of course, you do not need to do either, you can take what you learn and market a different business or product, start your own business or contract yourself out and help other businesses.
The Investment There are a few different levels that you can join Big Ticket To Wealth on.
A National Product Package is $797, an Executive Product Package is $1197 and a Presidential Product Package is $1997.
All the packages give you access to the archived training, which is unmatched by any company.
They have a huge back office filled with over 50 different online marketing techniques and all the instructions on how to utilize them.
There is a reoccurring $75 per month fee to continue to train weekly with them and to preserve the right to market the business and receive the commissions.
However, with each member you sign up you also get a percentage of their monthly fee as one more stream of income.
So if you were a Presidential and you signed up another Presidential member, you receive $50 per month of that member's monthly fee.
You would only need two sign ups to have your membership pay for itself.
The Training Big Ticket To Wealth runs three live training calls per week hosted by the CEO.
National members get access to one of these, Executive members get access to two and Presidentials get access to all three.
The benefits of each package are clearly outlined for you before you sign up, so there are no surprises and you know what you can make before choosing which package is right for you.
The biggest advantage of being a Presidential member is that the company does 10 hours of keyword research for you each month.
This is unheard of.
No other company does this for its members.
Keyword research is expensive and time consuming and anyone who has a business and has had to pay for this service knows that.
Keyword research is also extremely important to marketing yourself online.
This research helps you determine what people are typing in the search engines so you can then focus your marketing efforts around those keywords, ensuring that you are found in the massive World Wide Web.
Without this research it is hard to stand out.
The Compensation Plan The compensation plan is designed so that there is no pass ups or break-aways.
Big Ticket to Wealth has also created matching override bonuses.
All of these factors allow everyone to work as a team since the commission is only a two-tier structure.
Let me explain further.
So if you come in as a Presidential member you will receive $900 commission on every Presidential package your website sells.
Your sponsor (the person you sign up underneath) also makes $900 off of your sale; this is the matching override bonus.
This is where the commission stops.
It is only two tiers.
The same would happen if one of your team members that signed up under you made a sale.
They would get $900 and so would you, and that is where it stops.
This helps to foster an environment where everyone shares their ideas and techniques that work.
It benefits your sponsor when you make a sale just as much as if they made the sale themselves.
Up until the launch of Big Ticket to Wealth this was unheard of.
Their compensation plan is really unique.
They also pay out far more than most companies.
The Disadvantage The only disadvantage I can come up with is the price.
Big Ticket To Wealth is not a cheap program, however if you compare the quality of the training you are receiving along with the support and coaching, you are actually getting a deal.
And you have to keep in mind as well that for becoming a student the company is offering you the chance to market the business for free.
Final Word Big Ticket To Wealth gives you all the information up front; there really are no surprises once you join.
They give you every opportunity to use a whole host of resources to find out all there is to know before hand.
The CEO also hosts live webinars four times per week makeing himself available to answer any questions from interested persons live, in real time.
This is quite a valuable resource.

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