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Drawbacks to Applying for Disability Online

    • Applying for disability benefits can mean navigating through complicated and unfamiliar territory. Applying online can present pitfalls for various reasons. It's important to know the application process so you have the best chance of success in winning benefits when short- or long-term disability situations arise that preclude a regular work schedule.

    Length of Process

    • Applying for disability benefits online would seem to streamline the process. However, the length of the online application can lead an applicant to lose focus, or he may not be able to provide sufficient medical evidence or testimony related to an injury or accident. This can lead to denials. Over two-thirds of Social Security disability applicants were denied in 2010, according to the Marysville, Calif., "Appeal-Democrat."

      When applying for disability benefits online, applicants should expect to take at least an hour with the application process to provide sufficient documentation, testimony and supplemental material.

    Unclear Guidelines

    • Without having a helping hand to navigate the process of online disability application, knowing the guidelines for qualifying upfront can mean lengthy reading. While the Social Security website offers information pertaining to circumstances and requirements for eligibility, the information is so broad that it can leave an applicant with more questions than answers.

      Furthermore, without proper representation by a disability advocate or claim service, applicants may not be able to access all the files that the Social Security Administration or similar services provide. Ultimately, this can result in a denial of a claim, leaving the applicant without recourse.

    Difficult User Interfaces

    • Online applications for disability benefits, from the federal to state levels, can be less than user-friendly. Multiple required fields that may or may not apply can discourage applicants. Online applications can also be lost in the shuffle. When applying for benefits that are urgently needed, a personal touch can mean the difference between being moved to the head of the pack and becoming a nameless, faceless application. If you apply online for disability benefits, follow up with the issuing office.

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