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Homemade Thermal Imaging Cameras

    • 1). Unscrew the digital camera. Open the camera to expose the inner workings. Carefully lay both sides flat on the work surface.

    • 2). Find the lens assembly. It is located under the lens opening in the case. So when you open the case it will be opposite the lens opening.

    • 3). Gently pry the lens assembly from its spot. Use a screw driver or the rounded edge of a butter knife.

    • 4). Find the CCD chip. CCD, short for Charge Coupled Device, is responsible for moving a charge to a device that can use it. In the case of the camera, the CCD converts the light energy into a digital value. Sitting on top of the CCD, is a red piece of plastic. Gently remove this plastic piece without damaging the chip.

    • 5). Cut two pieces of the opaque plastic the same size as the red piece. Be careful to handle these by their edges so that your pictures won't have fingerprints.

    • 6). Glue these pieces to the top of the CCD chip.

    • 7). Replace the lens assembly and close the camera.

    • 8). Test your new thermal imaging camera.

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