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The Etiquette About Gifts for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

    Traditional Silver Gifts

    • Traditional 25th wedding-anniversary gifts are often in the form of home decor or jewelry. Present a dozen flowers in a silver vase or a silver picture frame holding a picture of the married couple. Silverware or flatware is also a customary 25th-anniversary gift for use in the home on special occasions. Additionally, a standard piece of silver jewelry -- a necklace or earrings -- is a fine compliment and traditional gift for any woman married 25 years.

    Modern Silver Gifts

    • Modern gifts often extend to the husband and wife alike. While an engraved silver jewelry box or keepsake may be a sweet gift for a woman, a man may appreciate a pair of silver cuff links. Modern gifts may also be more practical than traditional, decorative gifts. A silver tie tack or money clip is a classically modern gift for a man, while a silver key ring is useful for a man or a woman.

    Alternative Silver Gifts

    • Alternative gifts may emphasize practicality, superstition or a special permanent piece of silver decor. A sterling-silver letter opener, a silver razor or a polished silver belt buckle are practical gifts that fit 25th-anniversary etiquette. Positioning a silver horseshoe on an archway with the opening aimed upwards is a sign of good luck, and a silver-plated figurine or a glimmering set of encased silver coins would be a nice display piece for any anniversary home.

    Beyond Silver

    • Silver is the most institutionalized tradition associated with the 25th wedding anniversary, but this day also offers alternatives. The green garnet is a gemstone that marks the 25th wedding anniversary. The andradite is a garnet gem radiating in color and elegance and is ideal for any fine piece of anniversary gift jewelry. Additionally, offering a bouquet of irises -- the traditional 25th-anniversary flower -- is a way to avoid overemphasizing silver and maintain traditional etiquette on this special day.

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