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How to Create & Display a Web Page With Mac


    • 1). Open iWeb from your applications folder.

    • 2). Choose a template from the menu provided. iWeb contains dozens of templates for blogs, photography pages, movie pages, and more. Choose one that is appropriate to what you want to accomplish with your website.

    • 3). Customize the images on that page. iWeb templates come standard with "filler" images. To change them, click on the "Photos" tab in the pane on the right side of the application and locate the picture you want to fill that particular space, then drag the image from the photo pane onto the image on the template.

    • 4). Double-click on a block of text to customize it to fit the needs of your website.

    • 5). Add any additional pages by clicking on "File" in the menu bar and choosing the "New Page" option. You can then choose another type of page (blog, photos, etc.) and edit it in the same manner as described in steps 3-4.

    • 6). Click "Title" of the website in the left navigation pane. Unless you change it, the default name for the website will be "Site" or "Site 2."

    • 7). From the "Publish to:" menu, choose "FTP" server.

    • 8). Name your website something appropriate; for example "Jana's blog" or "Nick's Photography Portfolio."

    • 9). Enter your contact email address where indicated.

    • 10

      Fill out the FTP Server Settings form in its entirety. You can get your FTP login information from your web host.

    • 11

      Press the "Test Connection" button to ensure you have entered the information correctly. If there is an error, double-check your information and contact your web host if needed.

    • 12

      Enter the URL of the website where indicated. This is address your readers will type in order to go to your website; for example,

    • 13

      Skip steps 7-12 if you intend to use Apple's MobileMe service. Simply enter your username and password to gain access to the service's publishing features.

    • 14

      Press the "Publish Site" button located in the bottom pane. This will publish the website on the Internet.

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