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Testimonials are one of the most effective and powerful ways to market your real estate business.
Have you ever been on vacation and asked for recommendations for a good dinner spot?Did you follow through and eat there? I know I've done it.
I've had my buying behavior influenced by a COMPLETE stranger.
It's weird, but that's the power of a testimonial.
For some reason, it works.
It's about building CREDIBILITY.
How do you think your closing ratio would change if, at your listing presentations, you gave your prospect a little booklet filled with over 300 satisfied client testimonials? You need to build credibility with your prospects to help turn them into clients and to set you apart from your competition.
And the thing is, you're not the best person for that job.
But your clients are.
It's time to put them to work.
The trick is to automate the entire process so that, over time, your testimonials, or the "preponderance of proof" will be so overwhelming that a prospect would be silly not to do business with you.
So how can you make testimonials a core part of your marketing and how can technology make the job a whole lot easier? Here are some ideas: Step 1: Collecting the Critters It's best to get your testimonials while the "iron is hot.
" Right after the transaction is done.
Autoresponders - Autoresponder services are an excellent way to automate the testimonial collection process.
Have a series of 5 or six emails set to go out beginning right after the transaction is over -when your clients are happy.
Each email could be a mixture of helpful tips for them and then a request for them to submit a testimonial in exchange for a free gift.
Whatever you do, don't give up if they don't respond after the first email.
People are busy and their attention is scattered, so it might take the full 5 or 6 email series to get them to take action.
Website - Have a special page on your website just for collecting testimonials.
When you are communicating with your clients via email or in writing, be sure to give them the address and ask them to complete your testimonial form.
Give them a "free gift" in return for having invested some of their time.
Audio Line - Audio lines are a great way to collect audio testimonials, in your clients' own words.
They call an 800 number and leave their testimonial just like they were leaving you a voicemail.
From there, you can post it on your website for everyone to hear.
-- Step 2: Start Spreadin' the News Once you have the testimonials, start using using them.
Here are some tips to spread them far and wide.
Autoresponders - Create a 10 day email course (one letter set to be emailed each day) about something of value to your prospects like, "How to get top dollar for your home, even in a buyer's market.
"Prospects can sign-up for the course at your website.
Each day they will get an email with helpful info and a targeted testimonial from one of your happy clients.
Fax on Demand - Put all of your testimonials into "Case Studies," where you describe what you achieved for your clients followed by their testimonials.
Use a Fax-on-Demand service and promote the number in your marketing materials.
Your prospects can get the information without ever talking to anyone and you will capture their phone number for easy follow-up.
Audio Testimonial Line - Combine all of your audio testimonials into one long "mini-commercial" and make them available to prospects 24/7.
They call an 800 number and can hear all of the great things about you anytime, anywhere.
Use technology to leverage the hard work that you have already done and the results you have already achieved with your clients.
Use testimonials on your website, your advertising, and everywhere else and soon you could have prospects standing in line to do business with you.

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