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Vintage style of Prom Dress Stands the Test of Time

Vintage prom dresses are those styles of dresses from decades before. The latest couture always in high prices, if your budget is tight and also wants to create a unique look in your prom night, vintage dresses are really great selection.

If you are looking for vintage dress pattern to wear for your prom, then you cannot go wrong with a 50s vintage dress. A 50s prom dress pattern is characterized by the use of fabrics like duchesse satin, raw silk, bold prints and bright colors. A 50s vintage dress pattern has a fitted bodice with emphasis on the waist and with a full skirt. Hemlines hit just below the knees and these types of dresses were usually worn with a narrow belt to emphasize the waist.

Today's dresses are all about selling sex appeal. It is very difficult for a 17 or 18 year old girl to find a dress that is appropriate, a dress that isn't too sexy on one hand, and isn't little girly on the other. The optimal dress is a happy medium of sophisticated, and classy, not trashy, and that is surprisingly hard to find, in retail stores at least.

That's where vintage comes in. Second hand and vintage stores have a great selection of dresses that are perfect for prom. While vintage dresses are more conservative, with modest necklines, and longer hems, they are far from matronly or frumpy. Many vintage dresses rely on high quality fabrics, and good construction to create a flattering and figure enhancing shape, instead of exposing skin to be sexy. It's all about the suggestion of what is underneath, the intrigue and allure that makes them appealing. You don't have to be half naked to be sexy.

And there are still more benefits to wearing a vintage or second hand prom dress. Not only will you look amazing, and comply with the dress code, you'll also save a bundle of money. Vintage dresses and second hand designer dresses tend to be much more affordable than what you'll find in retail stores, usually around one third of the price.

There are many different types of designer evening dresses and dress patterns to choose from. Just make sure that the pattern you choose is not very dated and looks elegant and glamorous in modern settings. Above all the dress made out of the vintage dress pattern should fit you well. If you are not too good at sewing, then it is best to take help from a professional seamstress. Vintage dress patterns will help you to inject that bit of drama and elegance to your wardrobe.

Finding the right vintage prom dress takes a little preparation and a lot of determination. Before you set out on your search, plan for these three factors: Style, Price and Size. Finding a rare gem from the past requires a lot of work and patience. But when you glide into the ballroom with confidence that your vintage prom gown is as beautifully unique as you, it's all worth it.

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