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How to Make My Ex Desire Me Again - Your Ex Will Never Ignore You After You Use These Secret Tricks

Broken relationships can be mended.
There is no reason why you should not try to get your ex back.
No matter how difficult it may seem at times, you have to persevere in your attempt to get your ex to love and desire you again if you really love him/her.
Most of the time, it would probably mean that you would have to be ready to sacrifice your pride - but then, if it gets your ex back into your arms, it would be worth it!   Play it cool! Stop those countless calls and messages to your ex! He/she is most probably trying to get a new number by now! Be cool and distant for some time.
It would do both of you a world of good to stay away from each other while the bad memories are still so fresh! Let him/her get over the hurt, however, do not stay away for too long or he/she might just get over you!   Turn over a new leaf! Let your ex see how much you have changed! If your ex expects to see the same ol' you - then surprise him/her! Change your habits, your bad attitude, your looks and wardrobe for the better.
 When your ex sees you for the first time after the breakup, he/she should be astounded by your appearance! You can splurge your money on yourself this time - especially if you are going to look stunning and sexier than you ever looked in the past!   Play it smart! Once you are sure of your ex's attention again, do everything in the book to get him/her back! Play your cards wisely.
Look smart, confident and "available"! If you can manage to make sure your ex is aware of your growing popularity, he/she is going to want you back! Subtly flirt with him/her and make references to past moments of passion.
If he/she realizes that your personality and traits have also changed for the better it won't be long before your ex wants you back!

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