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Alaskan Malamutes and Alaskan Malamute Training

The Alaskan Malamute is a very large and powerful dog breed.
Bred for intelligence and independence the Alaskan Malamute started off as a sled dog, protector, and guard dog.
When looking for an Alaskan Malamute puppy for sale it is important to look for good breeders of even a good Malamute rescue.
Make sure the health and well-being of the dogs are looked after and that the dogs are free from disease.
When looking for a good breeder look for those who do the required health and temperament screenings.
It is important to start training your Malamute puppy from a young age.
Malamutes are prone to dominance behaviors and need an owner who can take leadership from the very beginning.
Training should not be harsh but should be firm so that the dog learns correct family structure.
Exercise is also very important for the Malamute.
Malamutes are prone to being destructive by chewing heavily or digging holes if they are left alone too long without some means of mental and physical stimulation.
Make it a priority to exercise your Alaskan Malamute for at least an hour a day.
Those who want to leave their Malamute in the back yard as a means of exercise will likely come home to a yard that has been destroyed.
The Malamute is an intelligent dog that takes well to training and family life if they are given excellent training and socialization from a young age.
Be committed to your dog and you will have a lifetime of positive results.

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