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How to Add Bequest Language to a Revocable Trust

    • 1). Go to your lawyer to have the bequest drawn up for inclusion in a revocable trust as an amendment to the trust.

    • 2). Use the full legal name of the beneficiary of the money, tangible property or intangible property. Make sure that your name appears exactly as it does on the revocable trust.

    • 3). State the amount or percentage of the money, tangible property or intangible property you want the trustee to distribute to the beneficiary. Sample language for stating the bequest includes "the trustee shall distribute," or "I give," and then state what you are giving and to whom. If the beneficiary of the bequest is a charity or nonprofit institution, also state the purpose of the bequest or any restrictions on the bequest.

    • 4). Review the bequest amendment to your trust to ensure everything is accurate before having your signature notarized.

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