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How to Dye Noodles for Kid Crafts

    • 1). Pour 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol into a zip-lock gallon storage bag. Add about 10 or 12 drops of food coloring and secure the bag tightly. Use your hands to mix the alcohol and coloring.

    • 2). Add 2 cups of uncooked pasta to the bag and seal tightly. Shake the bag to coat the pasta with the colored rubbing alcohol.

    • 3). Lay the bag on a flat surface so that the pasta lies in one layer. Leave the pasta in the bag for approximately one hour and then flip the bag over. This ensures that the pasta will be evenly coated with the color mixture. Leave the bag lying flat for another hour.

    • 4). Inspect the pasta to be sure the color is even and is as deep and rich as you want. If the pasta is not quite the right color, allow it to sit in the bag a bit longer.

    • 5). Drain the pasta using a strainer, but do not rinse.

    • 6). Lay the pasta in a single layer on newspaper and allow it to dry completely before allowing children to handle it.

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