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Science Projects That Use Vinegar

    Color Changer

    • Collect baking soda, two clear bowls (one larger than the other), clear vinegar, clear soda, large beakers or glass jars, hot water, a knife, a medicine dropper, a head of red cabbage, small clear cups and a strainer. Cut the cabbage into equal sections, place in large clear bowl and cover with hot water. Allow to cool. Add 2 Tbsp. of baking soda to 1/2-cup of hot water and stir. Pour a cup of vinegar into one beaker and label and a cup of clear soda into another beaker.

      Set the strainer inside the largest glass bowl, pour cooled cabbage water (now showing purple in color) into the bowl. Remove the strainer filled with cabbage and set it off to the side. Empty the purple water in the bowl into a large beaker. Pour a cup of it into a glass. Use a medicine dropper to collect two droppers of vinegar from the vinegar beaker and release the droppers into the small glass with the purple water, turning it pinkish due to the acid in the vinegar. Collect two droppers of clear soda, put them into the pinkish water turning it back to purple due to the alkali of the soda. Add two droppers of the baking soda and hot water mixture. It doesn't affect color at all because it isn't acidic or alkaline.

    Erupting Volcano

    • Gather baking soda, aluminum baking pan, dish soap, red and yellow food coloring, a funnel, glue, sand, soda bottle (16 oz), warm water and vinegar. Squeeze out glue into bottom of aluminum baking pan; put lots in center, where bottom of the soda bottle will be placed. Cover bottles' sides with glue, add sand. Add sand to pan bottom and a little water to aid with sticking. Dry for an hour.

      Add 10 drops of red food coloring and five of yellow to 1/2-cup of vinegar. Use a funnel to add 8 ounces of hot water to a16-ounce soda bottle sitting in your baking tray, and then add the colored vinegar. Add a couple of small squirts (1/2 tsp.) of dish soap to the bottle. Place 2 tsp. of baking soda into a tissue and twist it up. Drop the twisted tissue and its contents into the opening of the bottle top and step back.

    Rubber Chicken

    • Show others the acidic affect of vinegar on bones. Immerse a chicken bone completely in white distilled vinegar for 24 hours, and it will produce a rubbery chicken leg.

    Pearl Magic

    • Take old loose pearls and dazzle the masses with your magic abilities. Add a cup of white distilled vinegar to an empty glass, drop in a pearl and watch as it begins to melt.

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