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How To Know If a Girl Likes you – and what should be your next move

First of all, welcome.

My name is Michael and I'm here to help you to find out if that girl likes you. Let me go straight to the point: I'm not going to waste your time, so please, if you are not serious about that girl don't waste mine.

I created this guide only for you. We are going to cover a lot of different things on subject how to tell if a girl likes you. We'll be talking about girls that you already know and about girls that are waiting for you to approach them. I'll also give you a lot of advice about signals that girls send online, through Facebook, Skype or other. We are going to cover everything, just be patient and pay attention for every detail. If you have any question, fell free to contact me here.

Anyway, let's begin. Today I will reveal you 5 signals that girl sends to a guy if she is interested in him.
  • She is around you

This one is very obvious. If she likes you, she will try to be all the time around you. She will try to help you out with something, she will always find something to ask you, and she will ask you for help, she will find some reason to be around you. Also, pay attention to her body language, is she turning her body toward you, especially her feet, because that is an very strong unconscious sign.
  • She smiles and keeps eye contact

This is also easy one. We tend to smile at people that we find attractive. If you don't know her and she smiles at you from distance, she is definitely in you. Eye contact is also a big sign from a girl that likes you. Girls always avoid eye contact from people that find irritating. So, if she keeps eye contact even without smile, step up, she wants to find out more about you.
  • She touches you

She touches your arm, leg, stomach – anything. Sometimes that will be unconsciously, sometimes it will look like a hug or even a punch. Believe me, she is interested. Girls are touchy beings; they love to touch things that find attractive. So, if she touches you, you are on the right path.
  • She introduces you to her family/friends

If she likes you, she will want you in her life. That means you will meet her friends, family even pets. Remember, you must make great first impression, because she will ask them what they think about you. All girls do that. And it is important for them to find approval from their friends and family.
  • Ask you to do things together

She asks you to go out or to visit some place?  Sometimes she will suggest you to do some activity together, like homework or some other project. Look, if she doesn't need your help, but still asks you to do that together, she is probably interested in you. But if there are no other signs and she just asks you to help you, she just wants to use you. Be a real man in these situations, more about that here.

These are some signs that girls may send you. I hope this will help you to figure out how to tell if a girl likes you. But there are a lot more to know about girls. If she sends you some mix signals, usually that means she is not sure about you.

What can you do to fix that?

Well, let me give you some tips on that:

-       You need to be stronger, Alpha male personality. Women love leaders. They are naturally attracted to Alphas.  And you can also develop yourself in leader, in a real man.

-       You need to work on your physical appearance. That means you need to work on your body, your clothing, your style in general.

-       You need to master the art of charm and communication. You need to learn how to seduce people with your words and body language.

-       You need to be your man, to work for yourself and have a great lifestyle.

This is not something that comes overnight. But, it's not hard either. I recommend you to check this guide here, now. All you need is in it and you will be amazed how simple girls are. After some time, you will start getting more and more obvious signs from them. Actually, if you really start to work on yourself, they will fight over you. All you need is to decide to live life like a king. And the key to that life is here.

Good luck and see you later,


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