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Web-Based Business: How It Works

There are basically three ways to make money with a website.
Your website can sell physical products like books or shoes or virtual products like other websites or e-books.
Your site could earn you money through advertising space or affiliate programs.
If your site is selling a service like web hosting or domain names the process would go like this:
  • A customer finds out about your site because of an article you wrote or an email that you sent containing a link to your site.
  • They visit your website and watch your video presentation.
  • Your website keeps them interested and motivates them to learn more about your services.
  • Some customers will leave without taking any action but will save your site and return later to view it again and again.
    Some will not.
  • Some will sign up for your services because your offer and video were so compelling.
  • The customer is taken to the checkout page where they enter their payment information and instantly receive their virtual product.
  • Once the online transaction is complete, the customer is given their information-usually by email-which confirms their order and provides them with the delivery information.
  • The money or a percentage of the money is transferred to your payment account and you receive a check.
That may sound like a lot of work the customer has to go through, but millions of people prefer to shop like that versus getting in the car and driving around town to get to a store where they have to shop around other people and then stand in a long line and checkout and then get back in their car and drive all the way home.
Operating your own web-based business can be made very simple especially if you take advantage of the fact that there are many businesses that have already done the hard part like designing compelling videos and websites.
There are companies today who are well-established and proven to be money-makers for themselves and for those who partner up with them.
They have provided the opportunity for the average person to have the freedom of their own online business but do not have to wear all the hats associated with owning and operating a traditional business.

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