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When a Guy Withdraws

You were just starting to think that maybe he was the One.
Just when you start to feel comfortable in a relationship you can almost count on the fact that this is when a guy withdraws.
What is going on here? If this has happened to you more than once, it is time to get inside his heart and figure out once and for all what is going on when a guy withdraws.
It is a very confusing time for a woman when she has an encounter of emotional intimacy with a man and this is when a guy withdraws.
He is withdrawing because you got too close.
The feelings of closeness can be overwhelming and he knows what this can lead to - marriage! It is a rare man that does NOT feel some level of anxiety at the mere mention of the "M" word - marriage.
When a guy withdraws he is starting to feel like Whoa..
let's slow this race down.
Why ARE men so afraid of the commitment of marriage? One of the main reasons is that in most cultures men are expected to be the primary breadwinner and caretaker of a family.
They know that first comes loves, then comes marriage, and then comes the baby carriage.
The thought of all of the responsibilities that come with a wife and kids is the exact moment when a guy withdraws.
Even though societal norms have changed greatly regarding gender roles, it is still a fact that the majority of the financial burden falls on the shoulders of a man.
If he does not feel like he is succeeding in his career, you can expect that his anxiety is even more acute in this area.
When a guy withdraws, what should YOU do?Take a step back and give him his space.
He needs to process what is going on in his head and heart and this takes time.
A woman's ultimate goal is for a man to want a commitment just as much as she does.
You cannot talk a man into feeling emotionally close to you.
This is an important time for a woman to key into her own needs and make sure that she is not waiting around for him when a guy withdraws.
When he has worked through his issues, he is going to be much more attracted to an independent woman that doesn't behave like a needy person.

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