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Application of LED in medical field

LED now plays an important role in our life and there are various applications of it, such as the backlight of buttons of mobile phone, indicator light of laptop, fog-proof light of vehicle and so on. A full display of LED is given in the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. In hospital, LED is used in many medical facilities, especially shadowless lamp. The application of LED in the medical field commences recently in developed countries. There are strict demands on medical illuminators and to use LED in medical illuminators will give a great promotion of LED development. LED has the benefits of point source and solid-state lighting when using in medical field. Moreover, it has a long life span which will save a lot of energy and is small in size, fast in response while having excellent performance in seismic resistance and high standard of color saturation. For the past few years, based on the need of energy saving and the environment protecting, some cities in Canada, America, Australia as well as European countries draw up the plan to forbid people to sale or use the electric incandescent lamp in order to boost the development of LED. It is said that LED can be also applied to the design of mouth lamp, light of endoscope, ultraviolet air sterilization lamp and so on. Well, let us focus more on its application in shadowless lamp. LED shadowless lamp is made by replacing the tungsten halide lamp with LED as the light source. As it is mentioned above, it can be used for a longer time than the traditional one. Besides, doctors will see more clearly by using it for that it can increase the color difference between blood and organs, which will promote the success ratio of the operation. Furthermore, with a LED shadowless lamp, there will be no radiation from infrared ray or ultraviolet ray, which protects wound from infection. And the illumination intensity of it can be adjusted as you want, which helps to ease the visual fatigue of doctor. Although the LED shadowless lamp is still not put into use, tests in many famous histories have proved that it is safe to be used widely. From above introduction, we can clearly see a brighter future or a potential market for the application of LED in medical field, especially the shadowless lamp, which offers much excellent performance while saving energy and making work easy for doctor.

Relted chip of LED: IF202

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