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Tips to Pass PRINCE2 Certification Exam

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environment) is the methodology for managing projects. It is developed by the OGC (Office of Government Commerce) and is used in U.K. as the de facto project management standard in the public sectors. This method is widely used in all over the world. It is a three levelled certification course and the levels include foundation, practitioner and professional.

It is a 60 minute test where you have to get 35 questions correct out of 70; which means 50 percent. There are 75 questions in all where 5 questions are for trial whose scores do not count. One has to practise it well for getting the certification. Well, if you are planning to give the examination, you need to join the accredited training institute where the highly skilled teachers provide PRINCE2, AGILE, MOR and MSP training in a creative way. There are lots of points to consider while preparing for the PRINCE2 Training certification exam. Let us have a look at some of the useful tips for the same. Here we go...

Pre test tips:

€ It is advisable to choose the exam date as early as possible so that you get sufficient amount of time to prepare for the test.

€ Joining a training institute is a great idea. The highly skilled trainers there teach creatively to the students. Pay attention during lectures. Listen carefully to the useful tips and note it down to refer in the future. They provide the amazingly designed course material which is helpful to clear the exams.

€ You should not depend solely on the training classes. Instead, practise it at your home as well. It needs practise to answer the correct answers quickly in the test.

€ Search online about the course as much as you can and give online sample papers and tests. Keep giving it and you will find yourself improving. Refer the papers of the previous years so that you come to know about the exact exam structure.

€ Have proper food and rest the night before the exam so that the energy level does not go down while writing the test.
While giving the test tips:

€ As you know, it is allowed to use manual for reference during the test and you are allowed to note it down into it. Also, you have got a couple of blank pages to make charts, diagrams and notes. You can label it too, but do not over do it.

€ One of the most common silly mistakes that most people commit while writing test is that they read questions in hurry. Read questions carefully! Although it seems one of the most obvious tips, most people fail to follow it. Read and understand the question well so that you can answer them correctly.

€ If you get stuck on a difficult question and you keep trying to solve it, a lot of time will be wasted. Instead, it is advisable to attempt all the easy questions first. If you come across the tough or the complicated ones, leave them. Attend it after you are done with the easy ones.

€ Do not panic if you find that the questions are difficult. You do not need to answer all of them correctly for clearing the examination. You are going to pass even if you answer half of them correct.

I hope the above mentioned tips help you to pass the examination with flying colours. Good luck for that!

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