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How to Send Multiple Photos from the Droid X

    • 1). Open the "Text Messaging" application, and touch the "+" in the upper right corner to compose a new message. You can also press the "Menu" button and select "Compose" on the right.

    • 2). Enter the name of the recipient at the top. You must have at least one name in the "To" field to continue. You can send an MMS message to email addresses as well as mobile phone numbers, and you may add more than one email or phone number to receive the message.

    • 3). Press the "Menu" button, and select "Insert" on the top right. Tap on "Slideshow" near the bottom of the menu choices.

    • 4). Tap the picture icon at the top left to add a picture to your slide show. Locate the first picture you wish to send in your Gallery or your Files. Touch the picture you want to add, and select "Resize" if prompted that the picture is too large.

    • 5). Press the picture icon again to add the second picture. Use the same procedure for successive pictures to add them to the slide show. Touch "Preview" to review the slide show pictures you have added.

    • 6). Touch "Send" to attach and deliver the slide show to the contacts you added to the text message. Pressing cancel will remove the slide show pictures and return you to the original text message screen.

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