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How to Replace the Fuses in a GMC Sierra

    • 1). Turn off your GMS Sierra before removing a fuse. Look under the hood for the first fuse box, located on the driver's side.

    • 2). Find the other fuse box inside the Sierra on the driver's side. It's located on the edge of the instrument panel. This is a good place to check first for more common fuses if you do not have an owner's manual available to tell you the location of the fuses.

    • 3). Pull off the cover to access the fuses. Read the inside of that cover to find the location of the fuses housed there. In a 2002 GMC Sierra, you'll find the power seat fuse in the slot labeled Seat.

    • 4). Remove the fuse and check the wire inside. A melted or broken wire means the fuse has blown.

    • 5). Find a fuse of the same rating to replace the blown one. The example in Step 3 on the power seat uses a 10-amp mini fuse.

    • 6). Click the new fuse into place and shut the fuse box cover. Test out the new fuse once your restart your Sierra.

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