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Choosing the Right Swimming Pool

Summer is here and you want to go out and purchase a swimming pool.
How do you know which one is the right for you? You have many different choices when it comes to picking a swimming pool.
Depending upon your budget installation choices weather or not your going to choose a custom pool or not, different styles and brands are also a factor when choosing a swimming pool.
A custom-built pool can either be made out of concrete or gunite.
This is probably one of the most costly options available.
However one distinct advantage to having a custom-made pool is that you can design it to your own specifications.
When you go with a custom-built pool a crew will have to excavate a hole and install the water pumping and drainage systems.
The installation team will also have to do build the framework for the pool out of wire and metal rebar.
The last step is spraying the gunite onto the rebar framework.
Rebar works a lot like cement.
After the rebar is dried the installation crew will paint or plaster the pool.
A Fiberglass pool is a pool that is already constructed and lowered into the ground.
Just like with a custom built pool an installation team will have to come and excavate a hole the same dimensions of the pool and lower the pool into the hole.
Fiberglass pools usually take approximately three days to install.
Fiberglass pools don't use as many chemicals as concrete pools.
Another consideration is determining the work area which must be clear of any power or telephone lines.
Above ground pools are the simplest to install.
No excavating is required and this is definitely the most affordable route.
Determine first where you want the pool to be, the size of the area.
You will probably know whether or not the pool is going to be outdoors or indoors.
I would suggest doing some comparison shopping online to make a well informed decision before making your purchase.
Be sure that your dealer is a Certified Service Professional.
Make sure your contractor is professional ask your friends if they ever had a swimming pool installed before and what their experience with a contractor was.
Find out how long the company has been in business also check to see if the contractor has ever worked under a different name.
Also be sure the contractor offers a warranty.
Speak to more than one contractor and get estimates.
The contractor should be able to provide you with an estimate based upon the layout of the area that you want to install the pool in.

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