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Have You Watched the Secret and Tried the Law of Attraction But Still Haven"t Received Any Results?

So you have seen the movie The Secret and tried to apply the Law Of Attraction But You Still Are Not Getting Any Results.
I know how you feel, I watched the secret and tried to apply the principles for 12 months and I had nothing to show for it.
Unfortunately the movie The Secret can be a bit confusing because it doesn't go into specific detail on what you need to do in order to get what you want.
It's too vague and people easily get confused.
The Secret has become over complicated and this has caused people to fail and believe that is doesn't work and it's just a bunch of hype.
Well it does work when you know how to apply it correctly.
I'm going to reveal to you right now the secret steps you need to take if you want to achieve success by using the law of attraction.
Here are the secret steps: 1.
Clearly define what you want, really get specific and clear on what it is.
Don't just be vague and say something like you want more money.
You really needto be specific.
(Most people screw this up so they have failed before they even begin) 2.
Focus - This is vital.
You need to write down your goal and focus on it like crazy.
It has to be the biggest thing on your mind all the time.
If you do this you will achieve rapid results! 3.
Take action - This is where people drop off and don't succeed.
The Secret didn't really cover this topic in enough detail however it is absolutely vital to your success.
If you don't take action nothing will happen, period!

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